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 > Integrated Circuits

 V Nv neurons and Nv nets

  > Bicores

  > The quadcore

  > Nv net connections

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  > Initializing an Nv net

  > Influencing an Nv net

  > Nv variants

 > Nu neurons

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 V The "Miller" walker tutorial

  > Nv nets

  > The basic circuit

  > Applications

  > Leg mechanics

  > Core / leg interface

  > Convergence

 V Mechanics tutorials

  > All about torque

  > Calculating gear speed

  > Making a gearbox

  > Mounting gears

 > Schmitt triggers, logic, and feedback

 > "Hacking" a Mac floppy eject motor

 > Reversing a motor without sensors

 > Build an RJP

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