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BEAM From the Ground Up is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Nv neuron "variants"
So many flavors...

While the "vanilla" Nv neuron looks like this,

Vanilla Nv neuron

It's far from the only way to build one. In particular, recall that Nv neurons were originally defined via negative logic (i.e., they're active when the output is low). By just tying a neuron's bias resistor to Vcc, rather than to ground, you can make a "regular logic" (active high) Nv:

Inverted Nv neuron

Then too, you can play games with the bias resistor -- putting diodes and other resistors in parallel to give different charge vs. discharge rates, for instance:

Funky Nv neuron

You can also use other inputs to the bias point in order to make the neuron time out faster, or more slowly.

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