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BEAM From the Ground Up is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Initializing an Nv net
Sometimes you do the work, sometimes the net does

In its "natural state," a quadcore will, at power-up, be saturated (with every other Nv supporting a process). In some cases (e.g., bicores), this is the desired behavior. In others (e.g., quadcores and larger Nv loops), we want to have a lower number of active processes -- usually, just one.

****Under Construction****Under Construction****

Old-style initialization -- PNC & PIC circuits used to manually initialize your Nv net. Either kill all processes and inject one, or else kill all but one process

New-style (courtesy of Wilf Rigter) -- use diodes to make your circuit startup automatically

For more information...

Bruce Robinson has an exhaustive discussion of Nv net startup circuits here.

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