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BEAM From the Ground Up is a BEAM Reference Library site.

BEAM From the Ground Up
The sequel

Welcome to the leaner, cleaner, BEAM From the Ground Up! This site is designed to be a useful collection of material for BEAM roboticists of all experience levels and abilities. The unifying focus here is on learning -- so this is the place to look for tutorials and self-guided educational material related to BEAMbots.

I've organized this material into the following three parts:

BEAM background
The history, philosophy, and uses of BEAM -- where it came from, where it's going, what it's about. This is helpful stuff if you just stumbled across this site, or if you're very new to BEAM .

Getting started in BEAM
A self-guided tutorial in pretty much all you need to know to build your choice of BEAM bots.

Some that I've written, some I've talked other folks into writing, a few that I've collected from elsewhere.

Some folks may prefer to just jump to a particular piece of information. Please note that links at the bottom of all pages on this site allow you to choose from all pages, all at once (via the sitemap), or to just search for material by keyword..

Happy BEAMing!

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