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The BEAM Bestiary is a BEAM Reference Library site.

What's new with these pages
A little revision history

Recent changes and updates

August, 2003 -- Did a whole bunch of formatting cleanup, robot "thumbnail" images now have a "zoom" watermark vs. the old supplemental magnifying glass graphic (should speed page loads and handle multiple browsers more gracefully).

July, 2003 -- Changed license from "Open Content" (now defunct) to "Creative Commons."

March, 2003 -- Added Grant McKee's BEAMbots -- see the 2- and 5-motor walker, head, turbot, pummer, and vibrobot gallery pages. Also added Brett Hemes' BEAMbots -- see the solarroller, pummer, head, 2-motor walker, photopopper, vibrobot, and ornament gallery pages.

December, 2002 -- Added Dug North's BEAMbots -- see the vibrobot, symet, popper, and 1-motor walker gallery pages.

November, 2002 -- Added a whole herd of robots by Mike Ball ("Flaming Headphones") -- see the ornament, turbot, symet, popper, 1-motor walker, 2-motor walker, and roller gallery pages.

October, 2002 -- The folks I used to use for site statistics have discontinued their free service, so the page-bottom web-bugs (and associated link to site stats) are gone now. Meanwhile, I added a slew of new 'bots by Wrighter the Pessimist and Adam Harris (Morrow's End) -- see the head, squirmer, pummer, 1-motor walker, and 2-motor walker galleries.

July, 2002 -- Added Greg Guitchounts' robots to the gallery pages (photopoppers, a 2-motor walker, a symet, and a "miscellaneous" roller); added a whole new category of robots for rope climbers.

June,2002 -- Added Björn Brindefalk's robots to the gallery pages -- photopoppers, a 2-motor walker, a turbot, a miniball, and a symet. Also added Gary Huston's robots -- a photopopper, a miniball, a symet, a head, a vibrobot, and a magbot.

April, 2002 -- Added a variety of 'bots to gallery pages -- make sure to check out the 5-motor walkers, and "miscellaneous" rollers.

February 3, 2002 -- Added a slew of Wrighter's robots to the gallery pages -- two miniballs, a solarroller, a popper, a flagwaver, and an ornament; circuit pages have now been moved to the circuits library.

October 30, 2001 -- There's a new Solarroller circuit in town -- Rilf Rigter's Solar Revolver.

October 19, 2001 -- A few new bots have been added over the past month; meanwhile, I've got new traffic tracking code (and you can now see the stats yourself, via a link on the "Legalities" page).

September 24, 2001 -- Initial release

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