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The BEAM Bestiary is a BEAM Reference Library site.

1 motor walker gallery
1 motor walker image gallery, links, and information


Ambler by Dug North
1 page, 1 diagram / 28 KBytes inline

Photo, brief description of a Miller-SE-based critter, using a toy's mechanism as its base; Ambler is on a page shared with Dug's other BEAMbots.


BityBot by Adam Harris (Morrow's End)
1 page, 8 diagrams / 274 KBytes inline

Grainy diagrams of a little walker made with a single floppy disk eject motor.


Micro Crawler (uCrawler) by Wilf Rigter
1 page, 6 diagrams / 32 KBytes inline

Edited web posting with diagrams & schematics. An interesting little crawling walker.


One motor walker by Jérôme Demers (a.k.a., Robomaniac)
5 pages (incl. tutorial), 10 images / 129 KBytes inline

Detailed pictures with links to a construction tutorial.


uCrawler by Mike Ball
1 page, 2 diagrams / 56 KBytes inline

Simple web page with 2 images of a walker based on Wilf Rigter's design.

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