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The BEAM Bestiary is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Ornament gallery
Ornament image gallery, links, and information


Flower by Grant McKee
Part of "Artsy" page with 6 images / 18 KBytes inline

Photo, brief description, link to AVI movie; a very stylish light show.


LCD Name Tag by Lee
2 pages, 2 images / 72 KBytes inline on home page

Schematics, instructions, photos


Light Storm by Grant McKee
Part of "Artsy" page with 6 images / 18 KBytes inline

Photos, brief description; contains a pair of white LEDs that flash semi-randomly to produce an effect like lightning (without the thunder).


PowerPlant by Frankendaddy
1 page, 6 images / 127 KBytes inline

Photos, description; an interesting artistic solar collector (so far...)


ShowerBot by Wrighter the Pessimist
1 page, 6 images / 104 KBytes inline on home page

Photos, schematic, good explanation of a microcore-based shower ornament.

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