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The BEAM Bestiary is a BEAM Reference Library site.

They move on or below the surface of a liquid

Swimmers are robots that spend their lives in or on a liquid (generally, water). These are often also called Aquabots, and sometimes (inaccurately) Aquavores.

I've broken Swimmers down into 3 sub-categories:

Boatbots -- travel on the surface of a liquid.

Subbots -- travel under the surface of a liquid.

Misc. -- Swimmers that aren't neatly categorized as Boats or Subs (so far, just a tutorial).


For more information...

Northeastern University has a site on its underwater robot program (the Biomimetic Underwater Robot Program, BURP for short).

Mitsubishi built a complete robotic fish -- there's an article about it here. OK, so it cost $1 Million to build, but it's still pretty neat...

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Japan, there are some pretty nifty robotic fish toys for sale (solar powered, no less!). A BBC report on them is here.

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