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The BEAM Bestiary is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Miscellaneous roller gallery
Rolling robot image gallery, links, and information


Cyclope by Greg Guitchounts
1 page, 1 image / 23 KBytes inline

Photo with brief description


Flamebot by Mike Ball
1 page, 10 images / 326 KBytes inline

Photos, schematics, detailed description; a Basic Stamp robot built for fire fighting competitions.


Hider by Bruce Robinson
9 pages, 2 images / 173 KBytes on home page

Photos, schematics, exhaustive description; an interesting robot with complex BEAM-driven behaviors.


Learnbot by Mike Ball
1 page, 10 images / 350 KBytes inline

Photos, schematics, flowcharts, BS2 software, detailed description; a Basic Stamp robot built as an entry to Bruce Robinson's learning circuit contest.


Pak and Chooie by Grant McKee
On a "Misc." page with 7 images / 21 KBytes inline

Photos and short description; 2 small Sumo 'bots

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