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The BEAM Bestiary is a BEAM Reference Library site.

5 motor walker gallery
5 motor walker image gallery, links, and information


DIE (Device Intended for Exploration) by Ori
1 page, 1 image / 37 KBytes inline

Links to pictures, schematic, explanation; an "in-process" walker based on Wilf Rigter's P5v2 circuit.


Little Buddy by Ian Bernstein
1 page, 13 images / 123 KBytes inline

Lots of pictures, schematic, explanation


Shrimpy by Brian
1 page, 5 images / 159 KBytes inline

Photos & discussion. Site offline as of 7/2002.


Vbug by Jérôme Demers
1 page, 7 images & schematic / 68 KBytes inline

Photos, schematic & discussion; an attempt (in process) to recreate Mark Tilden's vBug.


walker by Ivar Thorson
1 page, 3 images / 21 KBytes inline

Circuit design only, with notes. Site offline as of 7/2002.


Walker Ver5.3 by Chiu-Yuan Fang
1 page, 9 images / 293 KBytes inline

In development, incredible photo detail.


Unnamed by Grant McKee
1 page, 2 images / TBD KBytes inline (part of overall walkers page)

Photo and brief explanation; 6-bicore walker built using Solarbotics BEP boards, reverses and turns.

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