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The BEAM Bestiary is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Welcome to the BEAM Bestiary!

The purpose of this site is to provide an integrated BEAM gallery / web index / explanation of the various flavors of BEAMbots that have been built to date. This site should be useful to those attempting to research a given type of robot, as well as to those new to BEAM who just want a quick overview of the types of robots that can be built with this technology.

The BEAM Bestiary is the inheritor of much material first presented elsewhere -- in some cases sites or portions of sites which it is meant to directly replace. In particular, this site is built from, and replaces, the BEAM bot description sections of the stand-alone BEAM From the Ground Up, as well as Bruce Robinson's BEAM Web Index (with permission). Additional gallery material has been collected from a number of sites.

As for organization, this site presents a BEAMbot "Family Tree," showing one way that the various types of BEAMbots can be grouped into categories. From there, you can follow the links to wander through the 'bots one at a time, or jump to the species you're interested in via the menu over on the left. If you're looking for something really specific ('bots by a given builder, etc.), you can use the search function down in the bar at the bottom of each page.

If you've built a 'bot you'd like to see listed in these pages (or would like to update / correct an existing listing), please drop me a line. You can do this via email, or if you have JavaScript enabled, you can use the "Submit" form which is linked to on the bottom of each page.

Your ever-humble servant,

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