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The BEAM Circuits Collection is a BEAM Reference Library site.

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Recent changes and updates

October, 2003 -- Added a new page on the QLF series of ornament circuits.

August - September, 2003 -- Updated all pages for more compatible operation (i.e., pages now display correctly if a browser's graphics display is defaulted to "off"), updated sound circuits section. Look for updates to the walker circuits shortly...

March - July, 2003 -- A variety of new circuits have been added (in particular, a series of solar cell simulator circuits courtesy of Wilf Rigter, and some new op-amp *core circuits by Bruce Robinson and Wilf Rigter). Meanwhile, the old "Open Content" (now defunct) license has been changed to a Creative Commons license.

December, 2002 -- I have a page up on a new circuit from Wilf -- V5 of the 2-motor walker Servocore.

October, 2002 -- The folks I used to use for site statistics have discontinued their free service, so the page-bottom web-bugs (and associated link to site stats) are gone now.

June, 2002 -- Yet another interesting solar engine design by Wilf Rigter: the GBSE (Gate Boost Solar Engine); a new page was added for inverter-buffered H-bridge motor drivers here.

March 18, 2002 -- A fistfull of new solar engine designs by Wilf Rigter were added -- the dual slope sampling SE, and two Chloroplast SE variants.

February 19, 2002 -- A bunch of new circuits were added: walkers, poppers, and heads.

February 4, 2002 -- New page up on the Miller popper circuit; circuit pages moved over from the Bestiary.

October 28, 2001 -- Start of scrub through solar engine descriptions, courtesy of Wilf Rigter.

October 19, 2001 -- Misc. site cleanup, new traffic tracking code (and you can view the stats yourself via a link on the "Legalities" page).

September 27, 2001 -- Initial release

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