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The BEAM Circuits Collection is a BEAM Reference Library site.

BEAM head circuits
The whole enchillada...

So far, this site just hosts a smattering of head circuits:


Meanwhile, here are links to circuits elsewhere:

Laser Head 1.0 by Frans Storms
1 page, 3 images / 69 KBytes inline

74AC86-based solar head; lights a high-intensity LED when locked on a bright light.


Solar Power Smart Head by Wilf Rigter
1 page, 1 image / 33 KBytes inline

Very power-efficient solarized head


Phototropic Suspended Bicore by Ian Bernstein
1 page, 1 image / 142 KBytes inline

Not as efficient as the Solar Power Smart Head, but uses fewer components; occupies part of one page (Ian's circuit collection). I haven't built a head based on this circuit, but have been told that the photodiodes in Ian's diagram are shown incorrectly in parallel, and instead should be wired in series (a la ----|>|---|<|-----).

For more information...

The Bestiary pages on heads start here.

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