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The BEAM Circuits Collection is a BEAM Reference Library site.

BEAM sensors
Is anybody out there...?

BEAMbots often have sensors to allow them to interact more fully with their environments. Sensors used in BEAMbots to date fall into one of five categories (these categories are detailed in subsequent pages):


  1. Contact sensors -- require a "touch" to trigger

  2. Proximity sensors -- so your 'bot can detect objects at some distance

  3. Sound sensors -- allow your 'bot to "hear"

  4. Field sensors -- designed to be sensitive to various (E, RF) fields around a 'bot

  5. State sensors -- give you information on various states of your 'bot -- position, tilt angle, temperature, and the like

For more information...

You can get a lot of good sensor ideas from Michael Gasteri's Lego Mindstorms sensors page.

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