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The BEAM Circuits Collection is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Miscellaneous BEAM Circuits
What didn't fit elsewhere

This section contains odd and interesting circuits I've run across along the way.

  • Charge pumps -- a charge pump uses arrays of capacitors to increase voltage in a circuit.  In this way, you can drive higher voltage loads from logic voltages of 3 - 5 volts.

  • Battery chargers -- handy for non-solar BEAMbots (particularly ones that use rechargeable batteries in "non-standard" shapes and sizes)

  • Sound generators -- if your BEAMbot makes sounds, it's a multi-sensory experience!

  • Remote control -- a more-direct way to make your BEAMbot do what you want

  • Radio frequency transmit / recieve -- another way to communicate with your BEAMbot (or enable groups of them to talk together)

  • Solar cell simulators -- mighty useful in testing and designing your 'bots

  • Op-amp based Nv nets -- a more complex, but more flexible way of implementing bicores and quadcores and such.


And then, what doesn't even fit here:

Green Thumb by Steve Bolt
8 pages, 1 image / 25 KBytes inline on home page

Solar plant monitor; copiously documented.

For more information...

Chiu-Yuan Fang maintains Rigter's NuPages, an archive of articles by Wilf Rigter (distinct from Wilf's own pages, the NuWEB).

BEAM Heretics (now defunct) used to have a lot of good discussions on BEAM topics; also another collection of Wilf Rigter's circuits (hopefully both will return some day).

There's a British electronics club called 4QD that has a good circuit archive here.

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