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The BEAM Circuits Collection is a BEAM Reference Library site.

BEAM photopopper circuits
Lots of circuits to make your popper pop...

Here, I've attempted to gather together some useful photopopper circuits. Note that most photopopper circuits are based on just a pair of solar engine circuits wired together ("back to back). This means you can get additional circuits by replacing solar engines in the diagrams below with other solar engine circuits. Generally in such cases, it's good to incorporate a variable resistor in your circuit so that you can "tune" the two engines for balanced behavior (else, due to manufacturing variances in component values, your photopopper will tend to move in curves).

Locally, I've got pages on 7 basic types of photopopper circuits:

Meanwhile, here are links to circuits described on other sites:


Photopopper tutorial by Chiu-Yuan Fang
1 page, 21 images / 363 KBytes inline

Timeless, ubiquitous and simple; 1381-based photovore with turning switches.


BeamAnt by Ian Bernstein
1 page, 4 images / 15 KBytes inline

Fairly sophisticated 74*240-based photovore with emergent behavior.


Bicore-based photovore by Justin Fisher
1 page, 1 image / 44 KBytes inline

Bicore-based design with reverse; uses 74*240 bicore and 74*245 motor driver.


SunEater_V by Steve Bolt
1 page, 6 images / 111 KBytes inline

Incorporating the SuneaterIV SE; photos, schematic, PCB design.


Ucoba by BotDoc
1 page, 2 images / 78 KBytes inline

Ucoba -- a photovore with emergent behavior (based on the BEAMAnt 74*240-based circuit).

For more information...

The Bestiary pages on photopoppers start here.

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