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The BEAM Circuits Collection is a BEAM Reference Library site.

BEAM Circuits
The electronic part of your 'bots

This section of the BEAM Reference Library is devoted to collecting designs (and links to designs hosted elsewhere) for circuits of interest to BEAMers.

Motor drivers
Motor drivers are essentially small amplifiers, and turn a low current (i.e., a control signal) into a higher current, suitable for driving a motor.

Solar engines
Solar engines are used like little power "savings accounts" -- solar power is stored until it reaches a useable level, then the power is released to drive a (cyclic) "burst" of robotic activity.

Many BEAM projects require some sensors in order to give the "critter" interesting behaviors. These range from simple contact sensors, to acoustic proximity sensors. Some are purchased as-is, or are purely mechanical (see the BEAM Pieces sensors pages), others require non-trivial circuitry. This latter class of sensors is addressed in these pages.

Complete robots
While some robots are simple enough to only consist (electronically) of one or two solar engines (i.e., Solarrollers and some Photopoppers), others require a bit more circuitry. In this section, we visit BEAMbots based on Nv nets and other interesting circuits.

Miscellaneous circuits
Here you'll find interesting circuits for your BEAMbot that just didn't "fit" anywhere else.

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