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The BEAM Bestiary is a BEAM Reference Library site.

4 motor walker gallery
4 motor walker image gallery, links, and information


MECI IV by Richard Piotter
1 page, 7 images / 52 KBytes inline

2 versions shown; lots of explanation


SAL by BotDoc
2 pages, 9 images / 164 KBytes inline on first page

Lots of photo detail, some explanation.


Scoutwalker II Betaby Jason Feser
1 page, 4 images / 53 KBytes inline

Photo and detailed explanation. Site offline as of 7/2002.


Stryder Jr. by Ian Bernstein
1 page, 7 images / 133 KBytes inline

Photo & schematic, with explanation.


Stryder style by Brian
1 page, 2 images / 33 KBytes inline

Photos and explanation. Site offline as of 7/2002.

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