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BEAM Pieces is a BEAM Reference Library site.

A selection guide

Fixed resistors
My advise to you is to keep on-hand a broad selection of resistors (they're pretty darned cheap) -- 470, 1.0K, 2.2K, 4.7K, 47K, 100K, 300K, 360K, 680K, 1.5M, 2.2M, 3.9M, 6.2M

5% accuracy is good enough for our purposes; we only need resistors rated for 1/4 Watt (1/8 Watt is physically even smaller, and good for most BEAM uses, but tougher to find).

I'll add words here later...

Variable resistor
The main thing you'll want to watch out for in selecting a variable resistor is cycle life. In particular, trimpots are simple variable resistors, designed to last just a few cycles. Most BEAMbots will require much longer useage from a variable resistor, so you should avoid trimpots (generally).

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