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BEAM Pieces is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Mechanical parts
Mostly motors

Your BEAMbot will likely need motors of some kind to make it move. You'll be looking at one of three different kinds, depending on your needs.

  1. DC motor -- this is your basic, run of the mill, small DC motor. Well, maybe not so basic -- it needs to be very efficient for BEAM usage.

  2. Geared motor -- this is essentially a small DC motor, with even smaller gears on the output shaft (to reduce output shaft speed, and increase output torque). For BEAM usage, you should be shooting for something on the order of 30 RPM.

Stepper motor -- this is a bit more complex to drive than a DC motor, requiring pulse trains to move it, but in return gives you very good control over motor motion.

For more information...

MicroMo has some great background information on motors in a set of pages here.

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