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BEAM Pieces is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Electrical part packages
The shapes of things to come



T0-92 diagram

This package looks like a little "squished" plastic cylinder, with 3 leads. 1381* ICs come in this package, as do many transistors.


T0-220 diagram

This package has a thin metal backing for heat rejection (basically, it's a radiator). It's used, as you might suspect, for components that need to reject heat. We'll just see it used for voltage regulators like the 78M05.

DIP -- Dual in-line package

DIP IC diagram
(image courtesy of Solarbotics)

DIPs are used for many "medium complexity" ICs. They have (as the name would suggest) two (dual) rows (in-line) of pins -- up to 20 pins total for the chips we'll be using. You can either solder directly to these pins, or plug your DIP IC into a socket, and solder to the socket's pins (use of a socket is generally preferred for a number of reasons).

A DIP's pins are all numbered in a counter-clockwise fashion (a convention dating back to vacuum tubes), like this:

14-pin DIP pin numbers

For more information...

Craig Maynard has a nice page on IC packages here.

Manufacturers are also good sources of IC package information -- Oki has an exhaustive page here, while Hitachi has a more-concise one here.

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