Conan the Librarian welcomes you to the BEAM Reference Library
Abandon illiteracy, all ye who enter here...

BEAM From the Ground Up (the sequel)
A step-by-step lesson in BEAM robotics, and BEAM technology. What BEAM is, where it comes from, where it's going. This is a slimmed down version of the independent BEAM From the Ground Up site, being essentially an online BEAM school (the rest of the BEAM From the Ground Up material has been relocated into other parts of this library). Here there be tutorials.

The BEAM Bestiary
A categorized listing and description of the various types of BEAMbots built to date. This includes an integrated BEAMbot gallery and a full set of links to exemplary BEAMbots of various types.

The EncycloBEAMia
A combination BEAM glossary and encyclopedia -- go here for clarification of all your BEAM nomenclature issues.

BEAM Techniques
A set of tutorials on, and reviews of, various techniques useful in the creation of a BEAMbot. Also descriptions of tools you'll need (and some you'll just want).

BEAM Pieces
A user's guide to the bits and pieces that make up a BEAMbot. This section of the library includes parts comparison and selection data, instruction on building components of BEAMbots, and comparative test reports. Drop in here if you're looking for guidance on part selection or assembly construction.

BEAM Circuits
A collection of all the BEAM-related circuits I've been able to lay my grimy, medieval hands on -- some hosted locally, many more maintaned as links to circuits hosted elsewhere.

A collection of articles of BEAM and robotics interest, all in handy Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Component Datasheets
A collection of component datasheets, all in PDF format, courtesy of various manufacturers. Diodes, transistors, integrated circuits -- if you use it in BEAM, it's probably described in copious detail here.

BEAM Video
A treasure trove of interesting video of BEAMbots in action, as well as BEAM technology lectures.

BEAM Links
A collection of links to various other sites of interest to BEAMers.

If there is something you'd like to contribute to this library, or something you'd like to see, please . I'd like this library to be analogous to an open source software project -- with authorship open to all, and with yours truly serving primarily as an editor.