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The BEAM Bestiary is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Solarroller gallery
Solarroller image gallery, links, and information


Solaroller 01 by Brett Hemes
1 page, 4 images / 15 KBytes inline

Photos, brief description; based on BEAM-Online tutorial.


Solar Roller by Wrighter
1 page, 4 images / 33 KBytes inline

Photos, parts list, and description; a unique little flipper-driven roller.


Solar Slot Car by Jim Mullins
1 page, 5 images / 69 KBytes inline

Photos and short description


Speedy by Chris Daniel
1 page, 2 images / TBD KBytes inline

Photos and brief description. Link ( dead as of 8/2002.


Unnamed by Ivar Thorson
1 page, 3 images / TBD KBytes inline (part of page with a number of other robots)

Link ( dead as of 8/2002.

For more information...

You can also check out Ian Bernstein's BEAM-Online megagallery of Solarrollers here, and the Solarbotics Solarroller gallery here.

The "original" Mark Tilden solarroller is described here.

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