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BEAM Pieces is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Some types that are particularly useful for BEAM robots

Bipolar transistors
Normally, BEAMbots use small signal transistors:

PNP -- 2N3906 (see datasheet for details), BC327-25

NPN -- 2N3904 (see datasheet for details), BC337

If you have a more-demanding design (i.e., you need higher maximum current at greater efficiency), use these:

PNP -- 2N2907 (see datasheet for details)

NPN -- 2N2222 (see datasheet for details)

Note that the 2N2222 / 2N2907 (also PN2222 / PN2907) transistors will safely handle 8 to 10 times as much current as the 2N3904 / 2N3906 transistors. Meanwhile, they only cost a few cents more per device -- you may just want to buy the higher-current ones and simplify your work space.


Description coming soon...


Field Effect Transistors (FETs) -- JFETs, MOSFETs

Zetex ZRVN2106 -- see the datasheet for details.


Transistor packaging
T0-92 is the most-common transistor package BEAMers will see. Unfortunately, there are multiple pin-out configurations (standards are wonderful, there are so many to choose from...). For bipolar transistors, 2 are the most common, depending on which type of transistor is available locally (BC* transistors are generally used in Europe and Australia, 2N* transistors everywhere else):


In these sketches, C = collector, B = base, E = emitter.

For more information...

Details on the physics of transistors, and the background of the various types are available both on the BEAM From the Ground Up transistor page, as well as in the EncycloBEAMia.

Ben Hitchcock has a writeup on transistor testing here. This is great and handy stuff if you've salvaged some transistors, and their labels have been wiped off or obscured.

"Iguana Labs" has a good tutorial on learning to use transistors here (just scroll down a bit). 

There was an excellent discussion of FET selection for BEAM projects on-list here, with followup here.

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