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The BEAM Circuits Collection is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Wilf Rigter's reversing H-bridge
Design, limitations, usage

This H-bridge variant was one of the first in which the reversing circuitry is built into the driver, rather than (as is more-commonly done) into the control circuitry upstream of the driver. This is a handy circuit, though, for 2-motor walkers -- as all that is required to reverse one is to reverse the phasing of one of the motors.


Wilf revisited this design in Yahoo group post #31505; he adds (since the CD4016 is an obsolete part, and unlikely to be found) "If you use Vcc > 3V or use a 74HC4066 instead of the CD4016 then add a 220 - 1K resistor in series with the base of each 2N2907. "

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