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The BEAM Bestiary is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Turbots are TURning roBOTS -- tumbling BEAM bots, not fish

Turbots are robots that move through the use of arms, or flagella. Traditionally, a Turbot has 2 arms that rotate in the same direction (CW or CCW), but at right angles to each other. This results in a tumbling, "hand-over-hand" sort of motion.

As a result of all the flailing, Turbots are renowned for unleashing (if unintentionally) havoc on neighboring BEAMbots -- their rotating arms have a tendency to get tangled in other robots' wiring, pulling it loose in the process.


For more information...

I've got a few notes on the Turbot design page; as always, all the Turbots I could find out about are described and linked to on the Turbot gallery page.

Robobotics also has a Turbot page, complete with circuit diagram.

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