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The BEAM Circuits Collection is a BEAM Reference Library site.

State sensors
Getting a read on the state of your BEAMbot

State sensors tell your 'bot something about its condition -- tilt, temperature, and the like. These can be used to change your 'bot's behavior in ways (ideally) that help it protect itself and get around.

Tilt switches tilt switches thumbnailImage (1/4" grid)
A number of types of tilt switches are commercially available -- all use some sort of moving contact (in some cases a blob of mercury, in others a metal ball) to short out various contacts. You can use these to cause your 'bot to do something special if...

Your BEAMbot has flipped "upside down"

Your BEAMbot is on a "dangerous" slope, and needs to turn in order to avoid rolling

Your BEAMbot is attempting to climb up / down a slope that is beyond its capabilities, and needs to reverse

'Most any of these will work for you; personally, I try to avoid tilt switches containing mercury since it's toxic, and generally contained in glass vials that are fairly easy to accidentally break open.


Temperature sensors
Thermister, other goodies...

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