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The BEAM Circuits Collection is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Field (electric, capacitance) sensors
Teaching your 'bot to play the field

****Under Construction****Under Construction****

Field sensors aren't used much in BEAMbots yet (principally because of the power and complexity some designs require). A couple, though, have been put forward to date (bear in mind that I haven't built either, so you're on your own here...):

Wilf Rigter's E-sensor
The incomparable Wilf Rigter came up with an E-field detector (well, two variant designs actually) that your bot can use:


Either of these (and just on a hunch, I'd suspect the 2N7000 version is easier to get parts for) should work equally well; note that the human body is a good absorber of stray RF fields, so this sensor should be a good people-detector.


Rich Caudle's capaciflector


There's more info on the capaciflector here, and a brief abstract on it here.

For more information...

There's a very detailed page on building an electrometer (E-field detector) with a single FET here.

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