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Build your own IC
The joy of component headers

I get a perverse pleasure out of building my own integrated circuits. Partially this comes from the pragmatic aspects (being able to save money by building a limited number of solar engines and moving them from bot to bot); part from the sense that so few folks are doing it. It's also handy if you mess something up and "smoke" a part (you can pull the IC, and swap it for a fresh one in seconds).

For starters, you'll need some component headers. The only ones I can ever find are 8-pin headers, so that's what I use.

Now, let's get to work...

Example 1 -- a solar engine IC

Here's the "Fred V. 1.2" FLED-based solar engine IC layout:

"Fred" V 1.2 solar engine IC layout

Here's the photosensitive 1381 (with photodiode) solar engine IC layout:

Photosensitive 1381 solar engine IC layout

Example 2 -- a motor driver IC

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