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BEAM Techniques is a BEAM Reference Library site.

Basic techniques you'll need
What you'll need to learn to start off with

For building a BEAMbot, as with building any electronic critter, you need two basic skills: soldering, and desoldering.

All our electrical components will be interconnected via soldering, so this is an essential skill. There are many very good soldering tutorials available elsewhere (one at the "How to Solder" page, another called the "Basic Soldering and Desoldering Guide," courtesy of Everyday Practical Electronics), so I won't bother to repeat them here.

Desoldering is handy for scavenging parts from techno-trash; besides that, we all make mistakes, and you'll need to know how to correctly desolder to fix them. Again, there's a good desoldering tutorial at the "How To Desolder" page.

The tools you'll need for this are listed here.

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