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The BEAM Links Collection is a BEAM Reference Library site.

BEAM Reference Library Links: Tutorials

Electronics & skills tutorials

John Adams' Basic Electronics, and "Professor V"'s Basic Electronics mini-course are both good introductions to electronics. Ray Miecznik has a slew of basic electronic tutorials here. A British electronics club called 4QD has a writeup for beginners, comparing electricity to water. And Alex Pounds has an electronics tutorial site here. Meanwhile, there's also a Yahoo club (TRCY) that has some tutorial material here.

As for skills, to build any BEAMbot, you'll first have to learn how to solder; if you've never soldered before, be patient -- this is one of those skills that takes some practice to perfect..

You should also learn how to desolder -- we all make mistakes from time to time, and at the very least, you'll need this skill in order to salvage electronics parts from "technotrash."

If you want to build your own printed circuit board, and you have room for some development gear, Mike Harison has a page on Making PCBs via photolithography.

Iguana Labs hosts an excellent page on Learning to use Transistors and LEDs.

Robert Stein has an excellent tutorial on building up a gear motor from a salvaged "walkman" motor and KTU here.


BEAM basics tutorials

Sebastiaan van Vleet has a tutorial for the H-bridge, and elsewhere, a BEAM course page.

Craig Maynard has a Chloroplast Solar Engine tutorial.

There are photopopper tutorials-a-plenty out on the web. Ben Hitchcock has a FRED photopopper tutorial here, Chiu-Yuan Fang's photopopper tutorial is here, and Ian Bernstein has one here. "Andy's light-seeking robots" has a pictorial tutorial on building a FRED-based photopopper here.

A "step by step" tutorial on Symets is here; Tom Mairs also has one up in his "Robotics 101" page.

Ben Hitchcock, the "father" of the Fred solar engine and photopopper, has a tutorial on building a Fred photopopper here.


More-advanced BEAM tutorials

A fist-full of walker tutorials are available. The original Andrew Miller 2-motor walker tutorial is hosted by Bram Van Zolen here; my simplified version is here. Meanwhile, Chiu-Yuan Fang has his own "Miller" walker tutorial here. Sebastiaan van Vleet has a good tutorial on free-forming a master / slave bicore 2-motor walker circuit here (be warned, though, this page so far only works in Internet Explorer).

Wilf's power smart head tutorial is at BEAM Heads 101

Andy Pang has a tutorial on a bicore-based (less efficient than Wilf's power smart head) head circuit here.

Jim Mullins has a tutorial on building an "aquapod" (submergeable drive pod) here

BEAMnet has an article on Bicores

Sebastiaan van Vleet has a tutorial on 2-motor walker balance and leg design here.


Miscellaneous tutorials

Tektronix has a tutorial on oscilloscopes here.


For more information...

Ian Bernstein's excellent BEAM Online has a whole list of tutorials to choose from.

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