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The BEAM Links Collection is a BEAM Reference Library site.

BEAM Reference Library Links: Individuals


Dilek Bafiaran

Research activities

Summary of research work for her thesis; excellent set of microbot links

Paul Barton


Paul's BEAMbots -- well documented, copiously illustrated

Ian Bernstein

BEAM Online

Encyclopedic, if getting somewhat dated -- galleries, links, circuits

Bill Bigge

Bill's BEAM Art & Technologies

Bill's robot designs and concepts

Steven Bolt

Pitronics - about robots (English)

Lots of information on "The Photovore," a Photopopper; also on microprocessor-based robotics

Brian Bush

BEAM Robotics Tek

Circuits, FAQs, explanation

Richard Caudle

BEAM Pages

A.K.A. "Frankendaddy's Vault of Robotic Horrors" -- Rich's robots, links, explanatory material

John A. deVries

(a.k.a., Zozzles T. Freep, The Hogfather)

RoboBiology Tech

Sporadically online, site seems to be under redesign

BEAM Heretics

The return of a grand, old site...

Chiu-Yuan Fang

BEAM Robotics

Great robot pictures & tutorials

Justin Fisher

BEAM Microcosm

Justin's robots

Adam Harris (Morrow's End)

Adam's Robots

Adam's robots

Ken Hill

Rug-Bug Photovore BEAM robot

Site on Ken's Cybug-based Photopopper

Ben Hitchcock

Robot Farm

Ben's robots (documented in-depth), BEAM information

Darrell Johnson


Darrell's robots

Art Loya

Rumgod's BEAM Robots

An interesting collection of BEAMbots (unfortunately, just pictures, no descriptions)

James Mullins


BEAM robotics as electronic art

Terry Newton

A-Life, Robotics and Other Worlds

A few articles, and lots of links

Andy Pang

Andy Pang's Homepage

Robots (with detailed explanations) and tutorials. Andy also has BEAMbot parts and part kits for sale.

Richard Piotter

RichFiles Robotics Pages

Pages about the 'bots that Rich has built

Bruce Robinson

Robinson's Robots

Robotic concepts, circuits, robot designs

Dan Roe


Really interesting robotic artwork

Eric Seale

Just Enough Volts Robotics

Robot designs, circuits

Ralf Schreiber

Experiments in Minimal Robotics

Robot designs and circuits, VERY artistic!/P>

Bob Shannon

Robot Roll Call

Bob's robots

Frans Storms


Frans's robots

Ivar Thorson

Basic BEAM Robotics

BEAM explanation, tutorials, circuits. A good site, tragically stranded on an incredibly slow server

Sebastiaan van Vleet


Sebastiaan's robots; lots of good explanatory material

Math Vos

BEAM Electronics

Math's robots; some explanatory material

Chris & Jeff


Chris & Jeff's robots; some tutorials, hints, etc.


Endeavors in Autonoma

Ian's robots


Larry's BEAMbots and More

Larry's robots (good pictures!)


Sparky's Page

Lotus -- a 2-motor walker


Steve's BEAM Pages

Steve's robots


Zedic's BEAM Pages

Zedic's robots


The BEAM pitstop

Check back later; this site has lots of broken links, and a graphic scheme that makes things tough to read



Various and sundry robot pictures


White Noise

"The UK website for BEAM Robotics"

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