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The BEAM Links Collection is a BEAM Reference Library site.

BEAM Reference Library Links: Non-BEAM

Robotics reading (not necessarily BEAM, but cool & interesting stuff just the same)

Exploring Mars using Intelligent Robots -- even if you don't give a hoot about planetary exploration, this provides a succinct comparison of various robotics architectures.

Steven Dubowsky of MIT has done some studies on self-transforming robots for planetary exploration. His phase 1 final report for the NIAC is here; his "annual report" viewgraphs on his phase 2 study are here.

Shane Farritor of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has done a similar NIAC study, on Modular Robotics.

Yet another NIAC study, by Dr. Ron Jacobs of IIS, on pneumatically-driven bipedal robots.

Got an old Palm Pilot? Turn it into a robot!

GoRobotics has lots of miscellaneous robotics links.

Tired of solar cells? Try a gastrobot (a robot with a digestive tract)!

Bill Mooney's introduction to using surface-mount parts components is here.

Make sure to check out NASA's cool robot of the week.

You can buy all sorts of odd and interesting toy robots at Robo Toys. If it's Lego Mindstorms you're particularly interested in, you can read all about it in the Mindstorms forum.

Rod Brooks' theories play a big role in the inspiration for, and history of, BEAM. "Edge" has a good interview with Rod Brooks here.

Professor Martin Smith in the UK has a nice site on various robotic topics here. Make sure you check out his page on a solar race car.


Meanwhile, don't forget to check out the PDF Library's selection of non-BEAM reading material.

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