This section of contains columns and articles of interest to BEAMers. Currently, two columns are hosted:

The Starting Block -- a monthly column on topics of interest to the beginning BEAMbot'er

Wilf's Site -- a column by our own Wilf Rigter, plus explanations of circuits he's posted to the discussion list over the past years.

There's also a growing selection of BEAM Apocrypha (various bits of BEAM history), as well as a page of links to other BEAM reading resources, some tips to BEAMbot builders, and a list of recommended books.

Meanwhile, there is a growing collection of B.I.O. Bug data. Enough that I've given it an area of its own -- the B.I.O. Bug Zone

Dave Hrynkiw of Solarbotics has posted complete documentation of a Vivisection of a B.I.O. Bug, as well as B.I.O. Bug Video.

I'm starting to collect resources for B.I.O. Bug hackers -- you can see what the inside of a Bug gearmotor looks like, and information on changing a 'bug's volume.