B.I.O. Bug Volume Control
A simple hack to tone down the volume a bit on your bug
Eric Seale -- February, 2002

Courtesy of my wife, the first order of business once I got a B.I.O. Bug was to do something about its sound output level. B.I.O. Bugs generate "chirpy" noises via a piezoelectric transducer located about 1/3 of the way up from their tail; a remarkably consistent location regardless of which color bug you have (here you see the inside of a blue bug, and the outside of a yellow bug):


All you need to do in order to adjust the volume of your B.I.O. Bug is to put some form of resistance in series with the piezo transducer. The simplest thing to do is use a 1K or 2K ohm variable resistor, but if you'd rather just go with fixed resistances, here are some starting points:

0 Ohm -- normal level

50 Ohm -- about half level

200 Ohm -- whisper quiet

1 K Ohm -- essentially silent

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