About the sites
A quick rundown

A Bit Smaller -- A fascinating collection of very small BEAMbots

AusBEAM -- Tom Walker's "BEAM Down Under" site

BEAMagination -- Adi Shavit's BEAM site

BEAM Bugs -- Paul Barton's site about his BEAMbots (copiously illustrated)

Beam by Brindefalk -- Björn Brindefalk's site about his 'bots

Beam by John -- John C.'s site about his BEAMbots

BEAM India -- Vishy's site about BEAMing in India

BEAMing and Dreaming... -- Tom Gray's showcase for his various robotic creations

BEAM Invasion -- César Blum Silveira's BEAM site

BEAM Land -- Greg Guitchounts' BEAM site (really nice collection of circuits, among other things)

BEAM-Life -- Alex Shank's BEAM site

BEAM Links -- Martin's BEAM links

Beetle Robot -- A new Jerome Demers site about one of his 'bots.

Bicoreeos -- Darrell Johnson's site

The Board Room -- Bill Bigge's BEAM PCB shop -- here, you'll find all sorts of interesting and useful printed circuit board designs.

The Bread Board -- Brett Hemes' site -- lots of 'bots here

BotArt -- Jim Mullins' new site

Bots by JBS -- Jeff Steele's site (currently same content as elsewhere )

Casey's Robot Site -- As the name would suggest, Casey's site on his BEAMbots

Chiu's Site -- Chiu-Yuan Fang's excellent BEAM site (currently same content as elsewhere )

Chris' BEAM Robotics -- Chris Cavazos' site on his BEAMbots

Costa Rica BEAM -- Juan Cubillo's site

Dave's World of BEAM -- Dave Wilson's BEAMbots

David's BEAM Robotics Site -- David's 'bots and tutorials

Dèjá Vu -- Pierre Genevieve's BEAM site -- interest: 2-motor walkers; robots: AVRIL(2-motor microcore walker), AVRIL II, Herbie and Headbot from Junkbot book, and building...

eniar.solarbotics.net -- The life story of Eniar, an attempt at an autonomous walking robotic being

Evandude -- Evan Dudzik's new site

Evolution -- Bill Bigge's new site

Fiore Robotics Research -- Loren Fiore's site on his robots and other projects

FrankenDaddy's Vault of Robotic Horrors -- Rich Caudle's new BEAM site

The Grant BEAM Page -- Grant McKee's BEAM site (LOTS of good stuff here, folks!)

Insectroïdes -- Jérôme Demers' (other) site, this one on his 2000 science fair entry

Jenny's BEAMing -- Jenny Rolfe's BEAM critters.

Joey's BEAM Robotics Site -- Joey's BEAMbots

jwgoerlich at Solarbotics -- J Wolfgang Goerlich's site

Kyle's BEAM World -- Kyle Simmons' little slice of BEAM heaven.

Lee's BEAM Projects -- Lee Olson's BEAMbots

Lehwess -- Under construction

Mike's R&D Lab -- For BEAM and Microcomputer Robots -- a.k.a., Flaming Headphones Innovations

Mobots -- Mohit Bhoite's robot pages (sparsely populated)

Neil's BEAM Pages -- Neil Sandstrom's site

Ori's BEAM Page -- Ori Barbut's new site

Photopopper Land -- Speeddemon's site on all things photopopper

Ray's BEAM Bots -- Ray Diaz's BEAMbots

The Richfiles -- Rich Piotter's site

ScottyDogma's BEAM Gallery - From the twisted mind of Scott Martin

The Skitters Web Site - Various interesting little critters

Smallbotics -- Jon Peterman's small robotics site

Solar Life -- Brian Fields' BEAMbot site

Suzie Strikes Back - A firefighting robot site

TiBiSan -- Brad Simionescu's site on AI, AL (A-life), and various other computerized explorations

University of Texas Small Robotics Association -- A budding small robot site

Wilber-Force's Webworld -- Will LeGros' site


BEAMTek FAQ-- A mirror of a really good BEAM FAQ -- good enough to be mirrored over and over...

Miller Microcore -- A mirror of a bit dusty, but still darned useful tutorial on building a microcore walker. De-gaudied for ease of reading.

T. Newton -- A mirror of Terry Newton's work on PIC processors and BEAM robotics.


BEAM sites in the process of becoming:

BEAM Almanac